Our history


It all started with Arthur Parent and his cows. At fifteen year's old, his son, Alphonse, started working on the farm. Quickly, Alphonse became interested by the dairy industry. Then, a few yeas later, he choose to pursue the work initiated by his father. Ce qu’il fera pour les quarante prochaines années. À leur tour, les enfants d’Alphonse lui viennent en aide. All the family got involved. 


Alphonse get rid of his herd of cows. The elder brother, Alain, takes over and abandon the production to turn towards the distribution of milk products. (to focus on the distribution) His two younger brother join him and they acquire regional distributors.


The first distribution center is built on Notre-Dame road in Berthierville. About thirty employees and ten trucks ensure the distribution of our dairy products everywhere around Lanaudière and Mauricie. 


Distribution Paral deliver more than 10,4 millions of liters of milk per year. The amount of milk distributed never stop growing since.


We add a division of imported and local fine cheese. The company is now able to serve all of Quebec's province. The demand is growing so fast that the building needs an expansion. The wharehouse and the office is now twenty five thousand square feet.




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